Major Consumer Products Manufacturer

(North American Logistics and Distribution)

Colorful Bottles

The food manufacturer was challenged with a reverse logistics process surrounding customer returns. Losing approximately $10 million a year to an ineffective order fulfillment process, resulted in numerous product returns, many frozen and perishable. Without a timely and effective reverse logistics process, many of the returns were damaged and not reusable for future customer orders.

ASC Associates developed and implemented a reverse logistics systems solution allowing timely product dispositioning for the North American Distribution network (retail to manufacturing). This included developing a roadmap for systems integration with SAP using SCOR.

Key Activities/Accomplishments:

  • Carry out Business Process re-engineering and blueprinting of all Warehouse and Distribution process (returns, Disposition, Quality & Compliance interactions)
  • Identify process improvements and organizational change for the "to be" logistics process mode
  • Develop Systems requirements specification for integration with WMS systems

ASC Associates achieved a reduction of disposition cycle time by 50% and inventory obsolescence by $10 million.