Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC)


Project Overview:

ASC provided support by aggressively implementing processes to improve SDDC business processes with the use of effective information technology systems, and organizational structures that resulted in superior logistics support to the warfighter. ASC developed and prototyped a real-time and near-time operational Supply Chain Dashboard that provided In Transit Visibility (ITV) access through flexible visualization tools that achieve dynamic mission management requirements.

  • The implementation included direct-connect information and data from various legacy systems to ensure positive effective decision-making.
  • The expanded visibility provided the ability to assess true mission indicators for performance in meeting goals and assessing areas for continuous improvement..
  • The Dashboard solutions provide highly flexible iterative Supply Chain abilities to inject new business rules, organize business processes, prioritize issues and problems, identify or assign SDDC G3 Operations team members, and .extend collaboration to both sources and customers.

Program Scope:

  • Provide Contract Level Management
  • Provide Data Analysis and Requirements  
  • Document Capability Gaps and Solution
  • Configure and Deliver Technical Solution
  • Prototype Supply Chain Dashboard

ASC Associates, provided thought leadership and methodologies to enable a comprehensive solution approach to developing and implementing the SDDC Supply Chain Operational Dashboard. This near real time Dashboard provided In-Transit Visibility of critical assets to the SDDC community