United States Air Force

Global Logistics Support Center
Supply Chain Control Center (SC3)

Military Airplane

The Air Force supply chain is a complicated mix of maintenance, supply, transportation, customer processes, policy, systems, and constraints. ASC Associates provided Supply Chain Management expertise and support services to operationalize the AFGLSC SC3, creating an embedded, highly flexible analysis capability to effectively and efficiently respond to an ever-changing supply chain.

The Scope of the Project Includes:

  • Metric identification
  • Data requirements and mapping, systems sources
  • Processes and procedures around the effective use of the Control Center
  • Technology and Systems requirements identified through the above activity
Supply Chain Event Management
  • Identification and monitoring of common events
  • Recommendation on event thresholds
  • Escalation and communication processes
  • Intuitive analysis and major problem identification

ASC Associates created high impact Supply Chain strategies tailored to specific business conditions, identified change-management initiatives, integrated complex systems, and established cost, schedule, and risk management controls.